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Shopping Matters

Do I need an account to purchase?

No, you need not register for an account to start shopping with us. However, registration gives you plenty of benefits, such as first-hand updates and never forgetting your address book, order history, and many more!


How do I place an order?

Decided on your desired items? Simply contact us via our email at or via the chat box at the bottom right of your screen to confirm your purchase. Alternatively, you can visit our physical store at 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #04-118 Singapore 228213.

My desired item is sold out. What should I do?

We're sorry about that! Our stocks are curated from Korea with a limited quantity in mind. Please look out for our new arrivals which will be launched every Friday.

Can I place a backorder for a sold-out item?

We're sorry but we do not conduct backorders!


Does Cocktails have a retail store?

Yes! We are located at 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #04-118, Singapore 228213.

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